Everyone is dead, you have no friends, and you dropped your ice cream while having an asthma attack.

.You’ve been waiting forever for your favorite author to publish another book. They announce a book release date. It happens, suddenly you realize you NEED to get to the book store. You get there and a line is formed outside the door. You wait, and wait, and wait. Finally you make it inside and you are looking.. THERE IT IS! The last copy. 

Someone. Takes. The. Last. Copy. 


. We all have that one book that wrecked us emotionally. A friend asks us for a book recomemdation… You no longer have any friends.

4. You’re so into a book that you block everything out. The book has now become a part of you and you can’t stop reading. Suddenly PLOT TWIST! Bass drop. Ice cream falls to the floor. Asthma attack ensues. 

(This post has no purpose. I have no idea what I’m doing.)